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A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia

I would like to thank all visitors to for their kind words and for welcoming me to the
blogosphere. To be honest, I was indeed surprised by the overwhelming
response to my weblog.

To my critics and detractors I welcome
your comments, but I would appreciate that responses be focussed on the
issue that I blog. This is to allow a healthy debate and to gauge
points of view which differ from my own.

I apologise that due to
the overwhelming traffic, I may not be able to respond to all comments
and queries as much as I would like to. I will be selective and respond
to points repeatedly raised by commentators in relation to what I’ve

I shall also not respond, unless
absolutely necessary, to issues that have been raised and answered by
me in other forums, especially those pertaining to unsubstantiated

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The Appointment of Judges

The Prime Minister has announced that judges would be chosen by a Commission specially set up for this purpose.

2. No details have been made public as to the way the Commission would work.

3. Would the Commission actually appoint the judges or would it only recommend the names for the PM to approve or would the Commission recommend directly to the Agong for him to exercise his prerogative? Or
would the Agong require the approval of the Rulers Conference? Or would the Conference of Rulers be merely consulted as is done now? Or would they be able to reject the candidate, and ask for new candidates or name new candidates of their choice?

4. It would be interesting to know the full details of the procedures, above all with regard to the role of the PM.

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