1. The social media carried a statement that I bribed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong with RM500 million to RM 1 billion.

2. Please prove that I did this. Making such a statement and hiding your identity is cowardly.

3. In bribery both the giver and the receiver would be guilty.

4. Is the writer suggesting that the Agong should be arrested for taking the bribe? Does he have evidence that the Agong took 1 billion Ringgit from me?

5. Please also prove that I had the money.

6. As everyone knows Anwar had said that I have billions of Ringgit. Asked to show proof that I had the money, until now he has not been able to prove I had the money.

7. Now the statement that I bribed he Agong with 1 billion means I have the money. If Anwar cannot prove it until now perhaps the originator of the statement should show Anwar that I had the money to bribe.

8. On another note Anwar’s political secretary has made a report that talking about removing the PM should be banned.

9. We cannot talk about 3R. We cannot politicise the budget. Now we cannot talk about the overthrow of the PM.

10. So nobody can talk about anything. And this is the Government led by a man who before talked about reform, about freedom etc.