1. Human civilisation has come to its end. All that we believe in, such as human rights, the sanctity of life, freedom, brotherhood, equality, free speech, free press – have now been rejected.

2. In their place the great advocates such as the United States of America and European countries, have openly supported wars, the mass killing of people, genocide, infanticide, injustice, etc. They now approve mass murder, provide arms and funds, vetoed any attempt to end war and genocide.

3. The only people protesting against the breakdown of moral and civilisational values are the young people.

4. They have risen in protest. They defied their own governments. They demand an end to the genocide against the people of Gaza.

5. They are not anti-semitic. Many of the demonstrators are Jews. They are simply against the genocide.

6. Netanyahu vows to continue the genocide. His objective is to conquer Gaza and make it a part of Israel.

7. But he will not stop there. The next target is the West Bank. Then Lebanon. Then Syria. To achieve this all Palestinians must be killed.

8. And the great power will support him with arms and money. Their veto power will ensure Netanyahu will achieve his objective.

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