1. The world believe there was such a thing as international law. The countries of the world, big and small, believed that international law would ensure the breaches of justice between countries would and could be dealt through the international laws.

2. But just like the League of Nations, the United States of America openly rejected the concept of equality of every country under the laws. And so in the United Nations Charter provision was made for exemption or exception for certain countries. In fact the countries which formulated the laws placed themselves above the laws. They gave themselves veto powers.

3. The first wrong interpretation of international laws was the acceptance that the winner had a right to prosecute and to judge on the alleged war crimes committed by the losers.

4. The winners have not been tried. This is not just as the judgements must be made by third parties in order not to be bias.

5. Now we are seeing a country openly breaking international laws and getting away with it.

6. So much for international laws.