1. Ramasamy is a great thinker. He says and I quote “it takes a bigger, more intensive racist to call another racist”.

2. So when Ramasamy calls me a racist it must be because he is “a bigger, more intensive racist”.

3. Now, only now Ramasamy thinks that the DAP is a fake multiracial party. Yet he stayed with the DAP a long time. Only when he was not re-nominated as a candidate of the DAP and he quit the party, that he now considers the DAP as a “fake” multiracial party.

4. “Urimai” is short for “United for the Rights of Malaysians”. Could it be that the “i” at the end stands for “Indian” and the full name is “United for the Rights of Malaysian Indians”?

5. The US, Australia, Canada, and many more countries have multiracial population. Can Mr. Ramasamy name any multiracial country which has race based political parties. Has Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines got race based political parties. They all have people who are not indigenous living there.