1. There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine. It is a fight between David and Goliath. Ukraine has lost thousands of soldiers and civilians. Four million Ukrainians have migrated to neighbouring countries and Ukrainian towns and cities have been bombed and rocketed until no building is up standing.

2. Russian losses are less serious than Ukraine.

3. This war is totally unnecessary and unfortunate. Ukraine was once a member of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). But Russia decided to dismantle the USSR and free the members. Russia also disbanded the Warsaw Pact, the organisation to counter the formation of NATO, the western alliance against Russia. Obviously the threat from Russia was much reduced.

4. The western alliance should also disband NATO. But instead the western alliance decided to strengthen NATO by inviting the former members of the Warsaw Pact to join NATO. This increased the threat by NATO against Russia.

5. Russia did not object until Ukraine which had borders with Russia was invited to join NATO. If Ukraine joined NATO, Russia would have a potential enemy at its borders. Russia objected.

6. The western alliance kept promoting the membership of Ukraine in NATO. But it did not approve Ukraine’s membership.

7. Russia was provoked by the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. If it did then Russia would have NATO at its border. Russia could be attacked by NATO and not just by Ukraine.

8. Russia pre-empted by invading Ukraine. As Ukraine was not a member of NATO, the western alliance was not obliged to get directly involved in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

9. Consequently only Ukraine is the country being attacked by Russia. And as we can see only Ukraine is damaged by the war, only Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are being killed, only Ukrainian people are forced to migrate to other countries.

10. The western alliance is free from war or Russian attacks. But they are busy supplying Ukraine with weapons and funds so Ukraine can keep on fighting and suffering Russian attacks. The war would weaken Russia and NATO would actually become stronger.

11. Poor Ukraine. It is being destroyed so that the western alliance would become a stronger threat against Russia.

12. Ukraine cannot hope to be rebuilt by the western alliance after the war. Whether it wins or lose does not matter. The damage suffered by the country is horrendous. The cost of rebuilding would run into trillions of dollars. And the western alliance would not want to spend its money to rebuild Ukraine.

13. Actually, war is a primitive way to solve conflicts between nations. War is about killing people. In today’s total wars not only would the soldiers be killed but civilians too would be killed. And the whole country would be devastated.

14. It is time the world criminalises aggressive wars. Modern wars are total. No one is safe. Soldiers and non-combatants are all exposed to attacks, wounding and killing. The whole country would be bombed and rocketed. Whole towns and cities would be razed to the ground. Schools and hospitals would be attacked and the students and patients would be killed.

15. We are seeing this in the Israeli war against Gaza. The Israeli objective seems to be the killing of as many Palestinians as it can. Already 34,000 plus Palestinians have been killed.

16. The 1.5 million Palestinians who are still alive are subjected to daily bombings and rocketing. The whole of Gaza city has been destroyed. The people had to be evacuated – they were advised to gather at a particular place to avoid being killed. But when they gathered at the indicated place to avoid Israeli attacks against Gaza city, the Israelis directed their rocketing and bombing at the so-called safe area.

17. What is the good of talking about human rights if war is accepted as a means of solving conflicts between nations. We are witnessing genocide, mass killings of the Palestinians with clearly no respect for human rights. It is as if we are savages with no moral code and no law.