1. It began during the French Revolution. The King exercised absolute power and was cruel towards his people.

2. The demand by the people was for them to be free from the oppression off the King. Everyone should be equal and free.

3. This was achieved. But within society there were still many inequalities. The people were divided into classes. The elites had more rights than the working people. The rights must be for everyone regardless of class.

4. The struggle for equality between classes was successful. But then it was found that there was gender discrimination.

5. In most societies women were considered inferior to men. They may not do certain work. If they do they would not be paid the same salary as the men.

6. Slowly this discrimination is being abolished. But still there are things which can be done by men but not by women.

7. The conclusion among the Europeans is that sex is divisive. Now the struggle is for the removal of the division by sex.

8. Already identity cards need not record the sex of the holder. For children to be admitted into schools there is no need to state the sex.

9. But now it has gone to the stage that bathrooms and toilets in schools need not be specific for the sex of the user.

10. This is supported by the Governments of some European countries. As with LGBT it would soon be official.

11. These new moral codes are being promoted all over the world. We will soon see these ideas being promoted in Malaysia.